A Gift to Remember

Has your church been Gifted?

  • with a talented person who would love to narrate our blessed Christmas story LIVE from a new point of view?

  • with children and families who would love to read along with the narrator from their very own book?

  • with neighbors with children who come once at Christmas and maybe back at Easter?

  • with a Praise Team or Choir who love to lead the congregation in Celebration of the Advent?

Now you can return the Gift.

  • by letting talented members exercise those gifts at this time of the  Ultimate Gift.

  • by sending member families and visitors home with the story beautifully illustrated in book form or read by the StoryMaster himself.

  • and even give attendees the opportunity to gift their church funding for youth opportunities or additional current need .

Our Gift to You

For only $ 130.00 an underwriter can purchase a case of 26 books with 26 CDs  (that’s only $2.50 for Book plus $2.50 for CD)That’s a Savings of 0ver $150.00


The Nativity Story from the “mean old Innkeeper’s” point of view.

Read the Story with Kids Following Along with their OWN copy of the book

Intersperse Christmas Carols sung congregationally (or with the choir) at selected intervals – (Every Case Order has a list of suggested songs and where they go in the story)

Bring the hope and joy of Christmas that was brought on that first Christmas Eve.

Make $5-$10/Book on each copy sold.

Cases of 26 – $130 – Make $130 profit – or
– get a donor to donate the books and make $260 -OR
– get a donor to donate the books and GIVE a copy to every family in the congregation